About Me

Born from a family of esteemed insurance professionals, Sarah is no stranger to having a disciplined work ethic and knows that it takes to nurture a successful business. Growing up in an affluent area of Southern California, she was always interested in every aspect of buying and selling real estate. At a very young age, Sarah was involved in her family’s personal transactions and saw firsthand the challenges that can exist between buyers and sellers and how timing is essential. There’s also the emotional impact a transaction can have that can either make or break a deal. Sarah knew that one day she would be serving the needs of buyers and sellers in some capacity. Over the years, she has learned how vital the concept of networking, forming trust, and being consistent is so important in any business. Simply being reliable, dependable, and accountable results in guaranteed greater future opportunities. Staying healthy so that she can serve her clients is what further motivates her. When she’s not studying market trends or working with clients, she’s working out at her local gym. With a positive attitude and a passion to serve, Sarah will no doubt exceed your expectations as a real estate sales professional.